Simple Wellness Programs= Small Steps with Big Benefits

T-shirts and Calculators: Simple Wellness Programs = Small Steps with Big Benefits by Susan Heidenrich

It’s March…which means we’re most likely on the downward slide to forgotten New Year’s Resolutions.  Those of us that made a pact to get to the gym a couple times a week, walk more or include some healthy foods in our diet may be falling a bit behind in our goals.  Oops.  So here’s an idea…how about we collaborate our efforts in wellness where we spend a lot of time – at work!  Research has shown that incorporating wellness into the workplace can have a big payoff, for both employees and employers.  According to the Wall Street Journal, small companies can encourage healthy living for their employees without the cost and time commitment of putting together a hugely complex plan.   Here are three small steps that are no-cost/low-cost and easy to put in place in any work environment:

  1. Get some healthy snacks- If you have a vending machine in your work area swap out the chips and candy for healthy options.  If you don’t have a vending machine, consider a basket of assorted healthy snacks near the coffee machine.
  2. Get everyone walking – A lot of people already have fancy step trackers.  But you can get basic pedometers online for as cheap as $1 each!  This is so cost effective you can order a pedometer for everyone on your staff.
  3. Get up and stretch – Have stretch breaks every other hour or start a meeting with everyone doing 20 jumping jacks!  

Perhaps the most important step of all is to get everyone on board with your amazing, new wellness program.  Have a contest, track some goals…make it FUN!  Employers might see that healthier employees show up to work more often and are more productive while they’re there.  Employees can feel encouraged and experience a workplace that supports healthy living.  A simple wellness program…it’s a win-win!

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