#thinkbigshopsmall #raiseyourmug

#thinkbigshopsmall #raiseyourmug

Small businesses and startups are Lance CPA Group’s jam.  It’s written all over our website, heck it’s even in our tagline.  From our Managing Director, to our CSM, to each of our accountants, we couldn’t be more excited for each of our small business customers.  When our CSM, Samantha, gets off a call with a potential new customer, her reaction is almost always- “These guys are so interesting.  I can’t wait to hear more.  I really hope we get to work with them.”  You see, for us, it’s not just about the lead, the landing of a new customer, the potential to make money.  We really believe in each of our businesses and want to see them succeed.  We are constantly looking for new ways to connect our customers- with each other and with other people/businesses that might be mutually beneficial.

Recently I talked to one of our clients about his ventures in connecting people.  He talked about how the digital age has brought us to a place where we rarely interact with one another in person.  That got me thinking, how do we, as a virtual firm, continue to connect, and connect with, our customers.  It spurred me on to think even more about the importance of personal connection both internally and externally.  

We are loyal to our small businesses- we want to help them succeed, regardless of size and no matter what it takes.  So, this holiday season we want to promote small business- not just for our own customers, but for all the movers and shakers out there trying to pursue their dreams.  We want to raise our coffee mugs (because what small business venture isn’t built on infinite cups of good coffee) and say “Keep on keepin’ on” because this small business gig is tough.  It’s built on grit and sacrifice, endless hours of thinking and planning, and good ol’ fashioned hard work.  We want to encourage each of you to Think Big and Shop Small during this season.  Pursue your own dreams and help others fulfill theirs as well.    

The world is full of innovators and visionaries- we at Lance CPA Group count ourselves among the privileged to get to see many of these people build their dreams from the ground up.  A special thanks to all our customers- we couldn’t do this without you.  Happy Holidays to Everyone!  #tistheseason #raiseyourmug #thinkbigshopsmall  

by Jamie Engelhardt, Operations and Marketing Manager, Lance CPA Group

About Jamie Engelhardt

If she’s not photographing every single elementary school event for her kids’ school, you’ll probably find Jamie binging on chips, salsa and margaritas with one of her closest friends. Jamie graduated from the University of Northwestern with a degree in Intercultural Studies. Her passion for photography and creativity led her down the path to marketing.