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What Time Tracking System To Use?

What Time Tracking System To Use?

With technology developing as quickly as it does, there are a lot of choices for time tracking systems for companies of all sizes. 

What are the key criteria that need to be considered when choosing a time tracking system?

  1. Onboarding process/support:  Don’t just consider the ease of onboarding, but also if there are helpful features like tutorials, templates and customer support. Make sure to look at the degree of offered support dependent on the subscription level. 
  2. Cost:  Usually there is a monthly subscription fee and per user charge. 
  3. Integration:  Depending on which payroll system that your company is using, only certain time tracking systems can be used. 
  4. Specialty:  See if there are time tracking systems specific to your industry or company size. 

what time tracking system to use?

For example Gusto only works with the following time tracking softwares:

  • TSheets
  • WhenIWork
  • Deputy
  • Ximble
  • Boomr
  • Timetracker by Ebillity
  • Homebase
  • Breadcrumb

On the other hand, Gusto also offers simple time tracking for their Complete and Concierge packages. So if extra features are not needed, this option can be used. 

time tracking system

Our favorite recommendation and the system most used by our clients is TSheets. It offers features like scheduling, reports (helpful in predicting job costs, planning for payroll and increase profitability), overtime and PTO tracking alerts, employee permissions and restrictions (managers can approve time worked for employees in their department), use of departments, and use of time clock kiosk, including facial recognition. Also, TSheets has a very fast onboarding process. 

WhenIWork could be another option.  It is now FREE for up to 75 employees! It offers mobile access, payroll management, shift swapping, reporting and analytics, schedule distribution, and many other features. 

what time tracking system to use?

Finally, there is also a wonderful resource online: capterra.com that offers detailed information, ratings, reviews and comparison options for most of the time tracking software on the market. 

We hope this helps in making a time tracking system choice!

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