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Using Your Passion to Fuel Your Business

Using Your Passion to Fuel Your Business

If you ask anyone why they started their business, you generally get an answer that brings up a passion for them.  That passion might be something they enjoy, or it could be something that gets to the very essence of who they are.  While passion does not guarantee success, successful entrepreneurs usually always have a passion that fuels their business.  The entrepreneurs and business owners we work with at Lance CPA Group all have passions that fuel them. From the creatives who love helping build brands to the brewery owners who have been homebrewing in their garage for years, that deep seated passion drives these entrepreneurs to create the businesses they love.


When I am asked why I started Lance CPA Group, one of the questions that comes up is why we focus on working with craft breweries.  The story I tell is about enjoying craft beer and doing my own homebrewing (and home winemaking) and helping a friend create a business plan for a craft brewery.  As an accountant I may not stereotypically come across as creative, but I do have my creative outlets, and homebrewing and home winemaking is one of them. To be able to take raw ingredients like barley and grapes, combine them with different elements, and turn them into something that is wonderful to drink is a way I exercise my creativeness. It’s a passion of mine that I’ve been able to use to specialize in providing accounting services to craft breweries.

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I recently had the chance to talk about this with John Garrett on the Green Apple Podcast. The Green Apple Podcast showcases the passions that accountants have beyond the numbers.  Yes, we all love a good set of clean accounting records, but we have passions and things we are interested in that are not accounting related. Check out the link below to hear the full podcast:

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A licensed certified public accountant (IL) and Chartered Global Management Accountant, Josh is also a family man who calls Chicago home.  Before venturing on his own with a mission to help small businesses, Josh spent his early career at a top-10 national public accounting firm before working at an ultra high net worth family office.  Josh is also an adjunct professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.  He enjoys making wine at home, cooking, traveling, and cheering on his favorite football and soccer teams. Josh was honored by being selected to the 2017 class of the AICPA Leadership Academy and was named as one of the 40 under 40 in 2017 by CPA Practice Advisor.