Digital Agencies

Why Digital Agencies?

Our work with Digital Agencies began when we started to attract agencies by how we branded our firm and positioned ourselves in the marketplace.  While not specifically trying to reach these agencies, they saw how we marketed ourselves, which was different from most CPA firms. The agencies we get to work with are extremely creative and it’s exciting to see what they come up with and how they serve their client base.

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In an industry as competitive as yours, we know it's important to have allies

With multiple projects in the pipeline and accounts being billed and received at rapid fire,  it’s important to have an accountant who understands the necessity of accurate, real-time numbers.  When your books are clean and your numbers are true, you know where your company stands. 

“The team at Lance CPA Group has been a tremendous asset. Not only are they complete experts in the world of tax, accounting, and business in general, but they’re super responsive, quick and friendly. We love their combination of technology and intelligence; both have allowed us to be a better, smarter, more efficient company.”

Strategic momentum

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Technology is our thing

Your digital agency values a tech stack that is automated to help streamline your workflow. Xero has a robust ecosystem that integrates everything from time tracking in T-sheets and Gusto for payroll, to forecasting in Futrli and proposals and billing via Practice Ignition. By utilizing Xero as your central hub and integrating with these other applications, your digital agency will be set up for success.

A few of our digital agency partners